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Couples Therapy

Even the healthiest of couples experience some degree of conflict in their relationship.  All relationships require work in order to keep them happy and healthy.  This is where couples therapy can help you.  Are you struggling as a couple to find common ground?  Do you argue with your partner more than you would like?  Are you dissatisfied with how you and your partner communicate?  At one point or another, most couples turn to therapy to get through a rough patch in their relationship.  Couples therapy does not have to be scary or intimidating.  Also, it is not only for those couples thinking about divorce or separation.  In fact it is rewarding for all couples, not just those in crisis.  It helps guide you and your partner to create the relationship you both desire.

By seeking out couples therapy you will gain new insight into your relationship.  It will help you and your partner learn new ways of communicating.  This leads to more harmony and connection between partners.

Debra works from a Developmental Model which combines attachment theory with the developmental needs. Debra also utilizes approaches informed by Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy.  This approach has been validated through research to be highly effective at improving relationship satisfaction over the long term.

In her work, Debra seeks to help couples learn to repair hurts, and learn to manage difficult feelings during and after conflict.  She works to guide each partner toward a better understanding how each person communicates.  She also helps partners work through blocks in communication.  Through the practice of EFT, couples learn to work through any kinks in their relationship.  Debra teaches partners to communicate effectively, reconnect to one another more consistently, and heal old wounds.

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